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January 9, 2019

Quick Guide to Home Inheritance: 3 Things You Need to Know

Inheriting a home is sometimes a blessing but what if you already have your own home and don’t care to have a second one to manage? Here's what you should do in the event of a home inheritance.
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December 20, 2018

7 Unconventional and Re-Purposed Homes

What’s your favorite reclaim/reuse home? Here, you’ll find seven buildings, neglected and unused, that someone’s vision transformed into a unique and cozy home.
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November 22, 2018

Smart Home Updates to Look for in 2019

Smart home technology feels like it’s constantly changing so we’ve gone through the 2017 and 2018 updates for some of America’s most popular connected home technologies. See what they are!
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November 13, 2018

Upholstery 101: How to Really Nail It

Upholstering or reupholstering a piece of furniture can be one of the most satisfying projects. Here are a few tips to help you end up with a nicely finished piece in just a weekend’s time.
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November 7, 2018

8 DIY Projects to Save for a Snowy Day

As a homeowner, it can be really tempting to cram as many house projects as possible into the last perfect days of fall. Here’s our list of eight DIY projects to save up for a winter’s day.
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October 18, 2018

A Homeowner’s Guide to Living with Neighbors You Didn’t Choose

Neighbors are a package deal to any home that you buy. We’ve identified four kinds of neighbors you could find yourself living next to and offered some (hopefully) helpful advice on keeping the peace on your street.
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September 25, 2018

What Happens to a Mortgage in an Emergency?

Ever wonder what happens to a mortgage in an emergency? Hopefully, you'll never have to find out, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
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September 18, 2018

Down and Dirty: How to Service or Repair a Well

Last month, we talked about the kinds of wells you might find on private property. This month, let’s look at what to do if you have a well and it’s not… well, and how to repair a well.
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August 17, 2018

The Summer of the Dream Porch Makeover

A DIY walkthrough of a summer deck do-over that you’ll be able to do out the door and tools in hand. Here's a more affordable, and less time intensive than you think way to take your existing deck to the next level.
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August 16, 2018

Welcome to Your New, Neglected Lawn: A Homeowner’s Firsthand Tips

Is your yard overgrown and in need of some TLC? From obvious to unconventional ideas, there are many ways to take care of your landscaping. Check out these tips to reclaim your yard!
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July 18, 2018

Wells 101: What’s Going On Down There

A well on your property usually means you only need to claim the water rights with your city government, and then you pay nothing for the use of that water.
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July 10, 2018

Summer-Proofing Your Home: Tips for Staying Cool and Preventing Damage

The temperature climbs, humidity comes and goes with the afternoon thunderstorms, dust devils kick up the desert sand blowing down the sidewalks, and mosquitoes drone in the background. In some states, summer is almost as harsh as winter - for the people, the land, and the places we call home.
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