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September 15, 2014

All Things Tailgating #HomeChat

NEW UDPATE: A big thank you goes out to all the All Things Tailgating #HomeChat participants! Congratulations to all of the Twitter Chat winners!

@creative_mommy @OneSweetFamily @lilshortie262 @TheDingoDad @GrapeJuiceMomma

Be sure to visit the blog frequently to get the latest updates on contests and promotions! Tweet to you soon!

Fall is finally here! That means it’s time for cooler weather, falling leaves, football and tailgating! Come hang out with, & SNAP this Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 8pm ET for the “All Things Tailgating” #HomeChat! There aren’t many games that can’t be made better by a really great [...]

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September 15, 2014

Fall into Fall Facebook Sweepstakes –

Get a head start this holiday season with a chance to win $1,000 in our Fall into Fall with sweepstakes! Will you be our winner?
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May 8, 2014

7 Upgrades for an Energy-Efficient Home

You may have heard recent housing industry news about "green" homes becoming more popular across the country. Upgrade your home to be energy efficient.
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April 10, 2014

7 Tips to Enhance Your Patio Living Experience

If you love spending time outdoors, you'll want to enhance your patio living experience by extending your living space outdoors.
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February 27, 2014

Academy Awards Party Ideas – Free Awards Ballot!

‘Direct’ your own Academy Awards party using one of these creative party ideas. Entertain your guests in style and become the talk of the neighborhood!

The votes are in!

Before your guests arrive, send invitations in a golden envelope with details about your party. Ask guests to dress up so you can kick off your party right with a photo shoot when they arrive. Use a backdrop or red carpet to mimic the actual awards entrance.


Keep it interactive and print a few of these Academy Awards 2014 Ballot for guests to fill out. Consider handing out a nice movie gift basket to give to the winner who [...]

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February 12, 2014

5 Ways to Search for an Apartment

Searching for an apartment can be overwhelming; with so many options, places to tour, and people to talk to, where do you begin? It’s important to start the process by knowing what you want – will you need a studio or 2-bedroom apartment? What about pets? How far are you willing to live from work or school? How much can you afford?... [read more]
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February 12, 2014

Chocolate Truffle Cakes Recipe

Indulge a little this Valentine’s Day! Bake these chocolate truffle cakes and share with your family and friends. This delicious dessert created by Pizzazzerie will make the perfect gift or surprise.

Follow the directions to get started making these treats!

Chocolate Truffle Cakes Recipe

What you’ll need for the cakes:

1 box chocolate cake mix (Dark chocolate fudge is Pizzazzerie’s favorite!) 1 cup sour cream 1 package instant chocolate pudding mix ½ cup vegetable oil ½ cup water 4 eggs 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips (optional)

What you’ll need to for the glaze:

½ cup butter 1/3 cup evaporated condensed milk 1-1/2 cups sugar 2/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate [...]
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January 7, 2014

Recipe in a Mason Jar: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Trifle

One bite of Shelley from House of Smiths’s recipe for dark chocolate raspberry trifle will have you and your family asking for seconds and thirds! This quick and easy mason jar trifle recipe has less calories and fat than many other trifle recipes. Consider incorporating this yummy treat into your holiday feasts, get-togethers, or try it for tonight’s dessert!

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Trifle

What You Need:

Dark chocolate pudding or mousse (use unsweetened almond milk and chill) Low fat cream cheese mixture (whip together 1 pint of whipping cream, 1 block of 1/3 less fat cream cheese and ¼ cup of artificial sweetener) Dark chocolate wafer cookies Raspberry purée (simply [...]
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