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April 19, 2018

Contemporary Home Design: 5 Benefits of Modern House Plans

Contemporary or modern house plans are becoming increasingly popular and even a welcome change in home design. They are functional, efficient in more ways than one, and look aesthetically appealing as well.

Many cities, residential areas, and even neighborhoods have their own set of codes, rules, and restrictions when it comes to construction and the design of houses. However, with the numerous benefits of modern plans coming to light, they have become less restrictive and more open to these new, contemporary ways.

1. Efficient Utilization of Space

One of the main benefits and principles of modern house plans is maximizing the space and making it as functional [...]

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April 5, 2018

Will Virtual Reality Change Real Estate?

With the rapid development of technology, all industry sectors have dramatically evolved, including real estate and construction. Virtual reality experiences have completely revolutionized real estate purchases and brought a fresh perspective to potential buyers. They allow them to experience every corner of a property first hand – without ever having to visit it.

Perhaps VR used to be reserved for those looking to purchase luxurious properties, but things have changed, and this technology is becoming accessible to everyone. So, what’s in it for buyers and realtors? And how is VR changing the real estate industry? Keep reading to find out.

First-Hand Experience [...]
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March 9, 2018

20 Home Improvements That Can Increase Home Value

Many home improvements add value to your home, and that is not as hard to realize as they may seem. Instead of hiring a designer to make your home more modern, try to find inspiration and ideas yourself. Home magazines, remodeling TV shows, books, and websites have an overload of wonderful DIY ideas you can implement into your style.

Instead of taking on some major and time-consuming projects, try tackling some of these simpler ones. With a little effort, goodwill, and some help from family and friends, the value of your home will increase significantly, and you can confidently put it on the market.

1. Add Insulation

Proper insulation is one of the most important things [...]

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