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December 13, 2017

5 Tips to Build an Art Collection in the New Year

In this season of festive decor, it is hard not to be inspired by local crafts, visits to museums and winter markets. For those who take it to heart, the holidays can be a great time to start, or build, an art collection.

What is an Art Collection?

An art collection is a gathering of works of art by a private individual or a public institution. Paintings, sculptures, printmaking, drawing, decorative arts, photography, and installations are examples of the many faces of art.

In Philadelphia, one of the best examples of an art collection is at the Barnes Foundation. The Barnes is home to one of the world’s most extensive collections of impressionist, [...]

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November 30, 2017

15 Ways to Winterize and Warm up to Winter

Sometimes Jack Frost knocks at the door before we have winterized it. Winterize is a term that denotes adaptation and preparation for cold weather. Not everyone warms up to winter, but this is the time of year to defrost your coping skills. These 15 tips can help you face the upcoming challenges of snow, wind and the big freeze.

The ways each of us can winterize and warm up to winter are dependent on so many factors. Geography in particular is something to be mindful of: in the northeast things can get kind of chilly, but just having a scarf and sweater isn’t the only cold weather strategy to have in place. Three of the main areas that needs to be winterized as [...]

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November 21, 2017

The Walkability Factor & Why It Matters

If things like air quality and physical activity are as much on your radar as real estate, you are one of many who prefers a walkable lifestyle. Researchers show that a neighborhood’s walkability has positive health outcomes on body mass index, better breathing, and a more streamlined flow through daily activities. If you are someone who prefers to walk to work, schools, shops, restaurants, the bank and other errands, you may want to live somewhere that is pedestrian friendly.

The Walkability Factor and Why It Matters

For some, the ability to get where they need to go on foot is a huge asset, not to mention a way to burn calories. Certainly, walking – even if to catch [...]

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November 3, 2017

City of Brotherly Love, and the Philadelphia Row

If you are buying or selling a house in Philadelphia, chances are it is a row house. Row houses are everywhere, from old city to Roxborough. They come in various shapes and sizes from the smallest that measure in at 400 square feet to the more modern styles that are graced with one car garages. To know their history and look beyond the (sometimes) homogeneous facade, offers some great insight into what you might look to own or, market to sell.

City of Brotherly Love, and the Philadelphia Row

Philadelphians have lived in row homes since the colonial days. They are so intrinsic to the city that the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia proclaims that the “row house defines [...]

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October 18, 2017

Small Kitchens: The New Kitchen on the Block

Does your dream home have everything except a showpiece kitchen? While traditionally, kitchens have been central spaces for cooking, eating, hanging out, and showcasing appliances, today’s kitchens are often practical, lifestyle spaces. Built-ins are not just for master bedrooms anymore. Whether it is by design or as a trade-off, this ‘less is more’ attitude is creating some innovative and adaptive trends.

Scaling Down by Choice

For those who want to pare kitchen size down by choice, the micro-kitchen is the new kitchen on the block. You may have seen these in cartoons like The Jetsons, or even at work, as small stations where employees could pick up a [...]

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September 21, 2017

Words Matter: Sales and the Art of Describing Your Home

The Power of Words

In today’s digitally-driven world, marketing a house must be done with the precision it takes to write a catching 140-character tweet. Buyers are word-savvy and since they may be skim-readers, the words you choose to describe your home may make a difference to potential buyers. In fact, the right words might attract a potential buyer to your next open house. Moreover, certain words might help you get a better price for it.

In a recent analysis by CoreLogic, it was found that with respect to location, condition, and design, properties that were described with positives performed better. They had more market appeal and gleaned higher-than anticipated [...]

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September 7, 2017

Space and the Single Lady

Today’s “single ladies” are not waiting for a diamond, but instead, opting for a ring of a different kind – a key ring. An annual survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that eighteen percent of the homes sold to first-time buyers went to single women. That’s ten percent above first-time purchases by single men.

The fact that single women are outpacing single men in homeownership is not a 2017 phenomena. Single women, as far back as the 1990’s, have been serious about their housing needs. Walter Molony, a spokesperson for the National Association of Realtors, told the New York Times that men get more serious about [...]

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August 21, 2017

Space Needs for Empty-Nesters

My next-door neighbors were empty-nesters for about fifteen minutes. That’s what my friend said it felt like because her college kids came home for their summer break every season. “I hope you don’t hear us fighting!” she stressed. Although I didn’t, I really felt for her. They had just sold their home in Boston and moved to a 3-bedroom apartment in Philly. Ah, finally an empty nest but then what? The answer isn’t as simple as it used to be when your kids left the nest. Today’s trends see two vastly different situations, each of which creates their own set of space needs.

Where are the Empty-Nesters?

True empty-nesters are, in [...]

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