First Time Home Buyer’s Guide

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How to Hire the Right Mortgage Lender and Updates on Lending During COVID-19

Millions of homebuyers take months to find the home of their dreams, but about half don’t shop at all for the mortgage lender. In fact, shopping for the right lender is just as important as shopping for your dream home and, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, here are some updates you’ll NEED to know.

First Time Home Buyer's Guide

Should I Rent or Buy

Factors to Consider

Making the decision to buy your first home often starts rather casually. It often begins at the dinner table or out for a walk in the most innocuous way possible.

From that initial discussion to completing the home purchase process can take 3 months, or 3 years. It all depends on where you stand – financially and with credit – along with the standing position of the housing market as a whole.

Potential homebuyer(s) need to weigh all the options, access all the factors and do what they can to make a wise decision… [read more]

First Time Home Buyer's Guide

Why Selective Compromise Is Key

When to Compromise & When to Stand Firm

Before we start it is important to understand there are a few parts and pieces of the home purchase process that you should never compromise. Comprise here – like choosing a mortgage lender based solely on interest rate or a real estate agent based on how much commission they will rebate at closing – will yield the same results as the craps table would.

Sometimes you win, but most of the time you lose… [read more]

First Time Home Buyer's Guide

Am I ready to buy a house?

Five Signs You May Not be Ready to Buy, Yet.

There might be some dissent amongst some housing professionals, but not everyone needs to own a home right now. Let’s face it reality, some people out there have no business owning a home at all, ever.

Most of you, however, will eventually buy a home and be perfect homeowners. You just need to do a little legwork and address a few poor early 20’s life choices.

Whatever your boat, here are some of the reasons you might consider waiting… [read more]

First Time Home Buyer's Guide

Credit Scores

Your credit score, the algorithmic scoring model of your overall credit worthiness, comes into play frequently and consistently. Many times you may not even know it.

America operates in broken model of impersonal lending. A model far too heavily weighted on even more impersonal – and often inaccurate – FICO credit score.

From buying a car to getting a mortgage loan, your credit score matters. It even matters on less complex transactions; like getting a cell phone plan, activating utilities or renting a car… [read more]