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December 1, 2017

7 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with a Cultural Twist!

Everyone loves the holiday season. The weather is cold and crisp and there’s a sense of love and happiness in the air. Most people enjoy getting together with family to express their gratitude for their loved ones, while others prefer to spend time giving back to those in need. However you celebrate the holidays, America is a melting pot of traditional and non-traditional celebrations. Does your family gather around the tree and open presents on Christmas day? What about your neighborhood? Does your community host an annual celebration around the holidays?

For most Americans, holiday celebrations come a dime a dozen. From city to city, most celebrations have similar [...]

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November 27, 2017

Here’s 5 Cities Where Hockey Fans Can Hang Their Skates

Ice hockey is a uniquely regional sport. Whereas most sports enjoy a relatively even distribution of their fans across the country, ice hockey fans are concentrated in just a few cities. Or, more accurately, just one part of the country. The northeastern U.S. (and southeastern Canada) is the epicenter for ice hockey and its biggest fans. The region is home to the “Original Six” – six teams that comprised the NHL from 1942 to 1967 – and still boasts the best teams, talent, and hockey culture in the country.

If you’re already sharpening your skates and waxing your hockey stick this year, consider these five cities where you’ll be right at home with other [...]

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November 23, 2017

Top 10 Most Charitable Cities in the US

As the year draws to an end and the weather gets colder, there’s no better time for giving back!

Charitable giving by Americans has rapidly increased over the past decades. In fact, it was close to seven times more in 2016 as it was 62 years earlier! While people choose to give for a multitude of reasons, charitable donations positively affects the lives’ of those in need and promotes the feeling of community. As Anne Frank once notably wrote, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Are you a cheerful giver? According to, these are the top 10 most charitable cities in the US! With Memphis, Tennessee‘s abundance of [...]

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November 22, 2017

Cities with the Best Thanksgiving Parades

Nothing beats a parade on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving was given federal recognition in the U.S. in 1863 during a time when the nation was at war with itself. Divided between North and South, many American families were torn apart and left destitute. A holiday built on humble beginnings was the perfect solution for the turmoil the nation was facing. With its focus being on gratitude and love for one’s neighbor, Thanksgiving has become symbolic of giving thanks and other holiday traditions. Throughout our school years, many of us became familiar with the origins of the holiday. One Thanksgiving tradition that still gets people going is annual Thanksgiving Day parades! [...]

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November 21, 2017

The Walkability Factor & Why It Matters

If things like air quality and physical activity are as much on your radar as real estate, you are one of many who prefers a walkable lifestyle. Researchers show that a neighborhood’s walkability has positive health outcomes on body mass index, better breathing, and a more streamlined flow through daily activities. If you are someone who prefers to walk to work, schools, shops, restaurants, the bank and other errands, you may want to live somewhere that is pedestrian friendly.

The Walkability Factor and Why It Matters

For some, the ability to get where they need to go on foot is a huge asset, not to mention a way to burn calories. Certainly, walking – even if to catch [...]

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November 16, 2017

5 Cities Where Contractors Can Build a Better Life

Are you in the contracting business? No matter your area of expertise, contracting has many pros and cons. Unfortunately, factors such as weather and the economy can have a major impact on your job, which in turn, can impact your finances. It’s a delicate balance, so it would make sense for contractors to go where business is good and the factors are right.

These are the top five cities are where contractors can build a better life

While we were not surprised to see major cities like Los Angeles and Houston on the list, we were surprised to see Provo, Utah making the cut. Provo is a fast growing city — so fast in fact, that their economy has grown more quickly than any [...]

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November 13, 2017

Top Cities with the Longest Commute Times

You have to get to work, right? The coffee in the break room isn’t going to make itself and you’re an integral part of the morning meeting, your team needs you!

About 86% of U.S. commuters travel by automobile daily and it’s costing many Americans big time in some big cities. Drivers in the U.S. lose on average about 42 hours sitting in traffic per year. If that isn’t cringe-worthy consider this, Americans who drive to work burn an average of 19 gallons of gasoline sitting in traffic annually according to data compiled by Auto Insurance Center. Traffic jams are a leading cause of many people showing up late to work. They also contribute to accidents [...]

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November 8, 2017

5 Best Cities for Veterans to Live in

As part of our celebration of Veteran’s Day, we created a useful map of 5 cities that offer some of the best support systems for those who have served. Whether it’s the US Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps – active duty or reserves – America’s veterans remain a valued community of brave individuals who deserve our thanks and gratitude. The following 5 location offer tremendous health, financial, and quality-of-life support for our nation’s heroes.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a great city for veterans. The city has five Veteran Affairs (VA) facilities within 50 miles, the most in Texas. This Lone Star city also has [...]

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