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November 20, 2017

Nashville Homes Are Underpriced by 7%: Buy Now to Score the Deal of the Year

Now is the time to snag a home in Nashville, one of the country's top 10 hottest housing markets--these deals won't last long.
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October 18, 2017

Safety First: Here Are the Five Safest Neighborhoods in Boston, MA

Thinking about making a move to Boston, Massachusetts? Find out which neighborhoods are the safest in Bean Town with
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October 9, 2017

5 Reasons Why Bushwick Neighborhood Is New York City’s Artist Haven

New York City's Bushwick neighborhood is an artist's paradise: the community is thriving, the food and drinks are cheap, and art is everywhere.
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October 4, 2017

5 Ways to Benefit From New Mortgage Technology

No longer the “stuff of science fiction,” artificial intelligence (AI) is at the heart of a new wave of technology – transforming mortgage lending. Today, lenders are applying powerful new tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the process of underwriting and approving mortgages faster and more accurate. Access to massive sources of consumer behavior and transactional data on properties, plus the ability to process that, is helping lenders validate employment income, assets, and home values.

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that provides computers with the ability to learn for themselves without being [...]

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October 2, 2017

Flood Insurance 101: What Homeowners Need to Know

The fact is – any property can flood. Your home doesn’t have to be under five feet of water from hurricane flood surges to suffer flood damage. Normal amounts of rainwater can drain under your home, and flood your basement or the lowest floor level, causing flood damage. This kind of flooding can cause mold, increase the risk of termites and cause electrical problems.

More than 75% of homeowners devastated by flooding unfortunately discover they should have had flood insurance. The sad thing, experts say, is that flood insurance is not that expensive – typically $450 to $600 a year for the average home. When you weigh the cost of flood insurance against replacing [...]

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October 2, 2017

Why Evanston, IL Is One of the Best College Towns in the Country

If you're in Chicago add Evanston to your list of places to see. A trip to Evanston will show you why it's one of the best college towns.
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September 27, 2017

Move Over Austin, Denver’s Lo-Hi Neighborhood is the New Hipster Mecca

With its rich variety of food, drink, and play, Denver's LoHi neighborhood is quickly becoming a top hipster destination.
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September 21, 2017

The Nashville Only Locals Know: How to Get Around This Hot City

Nashville has a rich history, tons of quirky character, and a gorgeous geography. Get the low-down on visiting Nashville like a local.

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