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January 18, 2019

Finding Hidden Treasures at a Habitat ReStore

Are you looking to tackle some home improvement projects in 2019 without breaking the bank? ReStore is a place where you can find secondhand home improvement items. Check out these tips on how to find hidden treasures at a ReStore!
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January 14, 2019

Buying Furniture on a Budget: Is Cheap, Used, or Vintage the Best Choice?

When you're working with a limited budget, buying home furniture can be difficult. Should you buy cheap, used, or vintage furniture? Find out now.
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January 7, 2019

12 of the Best Home Staging Tips That Will Boost Your Home’s Selling Price

If you want to get the best price for your home when it's time to sell, then you need to know 12 of the best home staging tips to put into action.
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January 2, 2019

5 Upcycling Ideas for Winter

Upcycling is a great way to create something new from something you’d normally just throw away. When people think of upcycling, they generally think of spring and summer projects, but there are plenty of things you can do in the winter too to create new items to decorate your home with in the colder months.

Put That Old Toboggan to Good Use

Supplies needed:

An old toboggan Wood cleaner Danish oil Console table or other materials to use as legs Screws Drill with a screwdriver attachment

If you live in a place that gets snow, you might have an old toboggan in your garage just collecting dust. Instead of getting rid of it, turn it into a bench. This DIY toboggan [...]

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December 21, 2018

Free Interior Design Resources: The Hottest Decorating Blogs for 2019

Planning on redecorating your home in 2019? Here are some of the hottest decorating blogs where you can find free advice and resources.
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December 19, 2018

Decorate Your House with Light

Nothing really evokes the warm, magical sense of winter wonder like holiday lights. As the days get shorter and nights get longer, illuminate your home with lights. Check out these easy ways to incorporate lights in your house!
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November 30, 2018

What Science Has To Say About Your Paint Colors

Science is showing us that paint colors impact our emotions and feelings. Knowing which colors invoke certain emotions can not only add to your quality of life, but it can enhance your home's resale desirability!
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November 20, 2018

Masculine Tones + Feminine Accessories = Your Guide to Fall Decor

Masculine and feminine decor styles can easily coexist in one space making your fall decor much cozier. Here's how!
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November 15, 2018

Fall-ing in Love with Decor Trends

Home decor trends evolve season by season and this fall it's a mixture of colors and textures coming from inspiration right outside your door. Here are some easy tips for adding fall trends to your home.
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November 12, 2018

8 Easy and Timeless Home Decorating Tips

Seasons change and trends come and go. There 8 easy and timeless home decorating tips will ensure that your home is in-style year-round!
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November 1, 2018

Get Down to Brass Tacks: Add Brass to Your Home Decor

Unlike the shiny brass of the late 90’s, brass is making its way into magazines and on retail shelves. This time brass has a whole new look, which is more appealing in today’s decor. See how to add brass to your home.
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October 16, 2018

How to Incorporate Pumpkins into Your Home

Just in time for National Pumpkin Day, here are some tips on how to incorporate pumpkins into your home this season.

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