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January 14, 2019

Before You Sell your House, Do These 11 Things!

Are you thinking that the time is right to sell your home? Here are 11 essential tips to help you successfully sell your home.
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January 11, 2019

What Rising Interest Rates Mean For Sellers

The beginning of the year always signals changes to housing affordability with new laws and regulations being enacted. Here's what rising interest rates mean for sellers and what you can do to get your home sold in 2019.
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December 5, 2018

Why Your Realtor Won’t Host an Open House at Your Home

"It's not you, it's me." Have you ever tried to sell a home but couldn't get your agent on board with hosting an open house? Here are some reasons why your realtor won't host one at your home.
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November 16, 2018

4 Ways to Sell Your House Faster

Unfortunately, selling a house isn't always as easy as it seems. Here are a few top tips to improve your chances of a quick sale.
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October 31, 2018

What Your Feelings Could Cost You: How to Keep Your Emotions Out of Selling Your Home

If you're planning on selling your home, being able to keep your emotions in check will make the process easier. If not, it could cost you a lot.
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October 23, 2018

High Impact Options to Increase the Value of Your Home

When considering the value of your home, certain factors, such as the current state of the market, are out of your control. However, one way you CAN increase the value of your home is with strategic updates and additions. Here are a few “high impact” options to increase the value of your home.

Invest in Your Kitchen

In several cases, a high-end kitchen provides one of the best returns on investment in a home. If you buy a newly constructed home, it is recommended that you invest in your kitchen during the initial build. Doing so will cost less in the long-term versus waiting to renovate at a later date and replacing items such as the countertop, appliances, [...]

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October 17, 2018

Making the Most of Outdoor Spaces During Open Houses

Beyond the basics of preparing your outdoor areas with clean, clutter-free spaces with tastefully arranged furniture and updated landscaping, identifying any bonus areas can maximize your return on your open house. Here are some areas and easy ways to make the most of your space and styling.
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October 8, 2018

Will Rising Interest Rates Hurt Your Chances to Sell Your Home? When to Get Into the Market for Maximum Profit

With interest rates rising, is now the right time to sell your home? Find out when to get into the market for maximum profit on your home's sale.
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September 26, 2018

A Guide to Using Art Tastefully in Your Home Staging

Staging can be a great tool to help you get top dollar for your home listing, but it has to be done right; find out why art is one major way it can go wrong.
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September 24, 2018

Planning to Sell Your Home this Winter? Here’s How to Get Top Dollar “Off-Season”

Contrary to popular belief, selling a home in the winter is possible; with planning and preparation, you might even get more for selling during the off-season.
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September 6, 2018

Three Things To Never Say To Your Realtor

If you're selling your home, be mindful that there are certain lines you shouldn't cross. Here are three things to never say to your realtor.
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September 5, 2018

How to Set Your Home Apart from the Competition

Is your home currently on the market? Here's how to set your home apart from your competition. Take a look!
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