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Bloomington, Indiana, has an astonishing mix of housing options, with modern single family homes, apartments and condos as well as historical buildings on the market. The median home price in Bloomington is right around $140,000, with townhomes and condos offered at significantly lower prices than single-family homes. Historic limestone buildings, brownstones and stately Victorians dot the tree-lined streets closest to downtown, while newer construction can be found a little farther out. Historic country homes are also available and are just a short drive from town.

Perhaps best known as the home of Indiana University (IU), Bloomington is an oasis of cultural diversity and small-town charm in south central Indiana. It is wonderful little town just an hour or so south of Indianapolis where families, retirees, university students, faculty and visitors all come together as one community. Annual arts festivals, free musical programs, world-class opera and international cuisine are all just a few steps away in Bloomington. Local public schools benefit from close proximity to IU, with its various art and cultural resources. The downtown area offers dining experiences from traditional American cafes to farm-to-table experiences and even Tibetan and Turkish options. The local community farmers’ market runs on Saturdays from April to September, with specialty markets throughout the year.

The city is made of up several neighborhoods, with the sprawling 1,933-acre IU campus at its center. Residential areas include Downtown, the Eastside, the Westside and Bryan Park. Downtown residences are mostly apartments above the many shops, restaurants and bars on the historic downtown courthouse square. While there is plenty of activity and you can get anywhere you need to go on foot or by bicycle, automobile parking can be tricky for downtown residents. The Eastside offers single-family homes on large lots, as well as apartments and condos. The local shopping mall is also located on the Eastside. The Near West Side, just west of downtown, is a historic district undergoing revitalization. It was built up along the path of the Monon Railroad in the late 1800s and was a hub of commercial activity. Today, it is mostly a residential area known for its working artists. Bryan Park is the hub of several city events each year. The park features rolling hills, a pool, picnic areas and a playground. The neighborhood surrounding the park is full of beautiful limestone and brick homes and mature trees. Don’t wait! Explore our listings today and find your dream home in Bloomington, Indiana!