320 Homes For Sale in Blue Ridge, GA

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Luxury family cabins with room enough for an annual reunion are not just the stuff of dreams in Blue Ridge, Georgia. They are reality. In this small mountain town tucked into the hills of north Georgia, land buying and real estate options with million dollar views are plentiful. And with a variety of pricing ranges, that dream cabin or log home doesn’t have to cost you what you might think.

Those who pay a visit to the Caboose Visitor’s Center in downtown Blue Ridge will be enthralled with all there is to do in the area, from outdoor recreational activities like biking, hiking, and swimming, to arts and culture and the entertaining railway that still runs through the town. Blue Ridge is considered the Trout Fishing Capital of Georgia, and has no shortage of water sports throughout the seasons. For those who want to get their shopping done, the downtown is a quaint hub of antique shops, galleries, restaurants, and a family atmosphere.

Blue Ridge, Georgia, is a getaway destination for those all over the southeast. Convenient to the major metropolis of Atlanta, it is perfect for a weekend to enjoy the fall colors and relax in a hot tub or for a summertime fishing trip with the kids. This Fannin County town is on the topmost border of the state near Tennessee, and holds less than 2000 full time residents, although many more come to visit during the tourist season. Over 3,000 children attend school in the district, though, at one of at least six institutions. As a land formerly inhabited by Cherokee Indians, Blue Ridge has transformed from a wild country into an Appalachian agricultural farming community into the destination that it is today. But it pays much honor and attention to its heritage, respecting the land and all of its people through historical landmarks and sites.