202 Homes For Sale in Broomfield, CO

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Broomfield is a great middle ground for people seeking to live close to the Rocky Mountains but also near the Denver Metro area. Homes in Broomfield average around $340,000. Expect to find sprawling residential, suburban neighborhoods and a fantastic school system. The city also has plenty of townhomes, condos, apartments and rentals. Those seeking to live right up next to the mountains can even find upscale mansions and custom homes to settle down in.

Broomfield may be half an hour from most areas of Denver but is situated just far enough to have its own identity. Residents are focused on connecting as a community. This convenient town is settled directly between Denver and Boulder, leaving options open for a variety of different activities and opportunities. Colorado loves its outdoor spaces and Broomfield boasts over 7,000 acres of open space. Denver is also a forward thinking city rich in technology and Broomfield reaps the benefits of that as well with access to public transportation, high speed internet and top-notch cellular services. This makes the town a pleasant blend of nature enthusiasts and busy professionals.

Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine and snowy mountain peaks appeal to a wide variety of people. Being able to walk the dog down one of the many trail systems on a brisk, sunny morning and then grabbing the snowboard for a short trip into the mountains in the afternoon are just some of the perks of living in Broomfield. Families enjoy a low crime rate and an excellent educational system. Those looking for a safe but active community will find themselves right at home in this city. Anyone seeking quick and easy access to both Boulder and Denver will find Broomfield an ideal middle ground. Families working in Denver with children in college at CU Boulder can have the best of both worlds. As the city grows, it has plans to place to protect at least 40% of its current open space. City officials predict that Broomfield will have about 90,000 residents by 2045.