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The Texas city of Burleson is located in the Johnson and Tarrant counties and is considered to be a suburb of Fort Worth. Burleson is home to a variety of residential neighborhoods with flawless planning and clean architecture. Homes in Burleson are usually of more affordable pricing, making it easy to obtain a larger home for less. Newer homes may not have a great deal of acreage to their name, but they've certainly been built with the finest modern technologies and represent beautiful destinations for which a family could call home.

Burleson has an extensive history reaching back into the 1880s. By the end of the 1800s Burleson was a booming rural town with farms, schools, stores, and government buildings lining idyllic southern streets. In 1899 a group of women formed the Eumathian Club, which was a society for cultural advancement. Today this club still exists and in 1999 they celebrated their centennial, marking an extraordinary achievement in maintaining and recording culture and progress. Throughout the years Burleson became less dependent on agriculture as its primary mode of industry, and when the Interstate 35 was opened in Burleson in 1960, it marked the transition of Burleson into a suburb of Fort Worth. Today, major employers in the area include Burleson ISD, Walmart, City of Burleson, H.E.B. Grocery, and Basden Steel.

Fort Worth Spinks Airport, which can be found on the edge of the northern Burleson city limits, offers important air traveling services for residents of the city. The enormous Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is roughly 40 miles away from Burleson, making the Fort Worth Spinks Airport a convenient advantage in avoiding additional traveling times. Burleson encompasses an area of around 26 square miles, and is between 700 and 800 feet in elevation. Hot, humid summers in Burleson transition into generally moderate and cool winters because of its subtropical climate. For students, the city is served mostly by the Burleson Independent School District, which hosts a variety of public schools. The Burleson Higher Education Center acts as a local campus for Hill College and Texas Wesleyan University, bringing a larger university education to this Fort Worth suburb. Places like Lost Oak Winery, Burleson Antique Mall, and the Burleson Historical Ghost Tour offer entertainment for both citizens and tourists of Burleson. A city full of opportunity and inspiring historical and cultural preservation, Burleson is a unique Texan destination which easily serves as both a permanent home and an enjoyable place to visit.