219 Homes For Sale in Carlsbad, CA

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Located a short driving distance from both Los Angeles and San Diego, picturesque Carlsbad, California is known as the village by the sea. The homes available in this high end community are as opulent or as modest as you could possibly want. The seaside atmosphere makes it the perfect place to purchase either a beach home or a year-round residence. In this beautiful town, there are no limits to what type or style of home you can choose.

Carlsbad is home to the legendary Legoland California Resort. This thrilling theme park and miniature theme park features multiple areas to delight kids and adults alike. Each area features rides and attractions designed around a central theme or target audience. There are even build areas where park goers can design and create their own Lego creations, as well as a water park. This park is massively entertaining and fun for the whole family. Near Legoland is the Sea Life Aquarium, which boasts a wide variety of fish and marine animals and also features a Lego theme. Carlsbad is also home to the Museum of Making Music. This is a great interactive museum where individuals, couples and families can experience the history, present and future of American popular music. They offer a range of exhibits and events, as well as festivals and lectures to make for a well-rounded cultural museum experience.

The main draw of the Carlsbad area will always be the beach. Owning a home by the shore is one of life’s great joys. There is nothing quite like having your own space to comfortably listen to the sounds of the ocean and smell that incredible sea air. In Carlsbad, there are some truly breathtaking beaches and lagoons to keep you happy. Carlsbad State Beach and South Carlsbad State Beach are both protected beaches within the California state park system. They are open to all sorts of beach activities, including swimming, surfing and fishing. Whatever beach activity you enjoy, you can do it on these beautiful, protected shores. There are also some incredible lagoons within the limits of Carlsbad. In one such lagoon, Batiquitos Lagoon, there is a legend of buried treasure. Some believe that there is pirate treasure buried at the center of the island within the lagoon. So far, it has not been found. Maybe you could get lucky be the one to find the mythical fortune contained within the island. Make the picturesque and exciting Carlsbad, California your primary residence or home away from home. Use the filters to find the place you need within our incredible selection.