166 Homes For Sale in Chambersburg, PA

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Chambersburg is a borough that is located in the southern part of Pennsylvania. It is about halfway between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. It’s a small town that has a lot of character. You can see the character shine through in the houses available in Chambersburg. You can find Colonials, contemporary houses, traditional ranch houses, Cape Cod style homes, log cabins, rowhomes, raised ranch homes and so much more. For you this means that no matter what type of home you’re looking for, you can find something in the area.

The houses in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, are not the only things with character. The approximately 20,000 residents are able to enjoy a community and neighbors that are full of character. The community character was influenced by its rich history. It is therefore no surprise that Chambersburg works hard to preserve that history. When you stroll through downtown Chambersburg, you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear music coming from a quaint coffee shop. You shouldn’t be shocked if the street is blocked off so festival goers can have the run of the road. You can see history butted up next to contemporary. Chambersburg keeps their history center while still moving into the future with technological advances. When you go to Chambersburg, you’ll be able to soak in culture and history at the Capitol Theatre, the Heritage Center, the Old Jail, Memorial Square, looking up at the Victorian architecture downtown and taking a walking tour. You can do all of this because of how passionately devoted Chambersburg is to its past.

Chambersburg is just as passionately devoted to its future as well. You can see this in the education system and the programs offered by the parks and recreation office. You can also see Chambersburg preparing for the future in their devotion to businesses like local restaurants and boutiques. When you’re in Chambersburg you’ll have the option to stroll through a city park, sip coffee at a coffee shop, have a beer with friends at a bar, eat local cuisine at a restaurant and do so much more right in your new community. That’s what Chambersburg is. It’s a community that focuses on where it’s been, so it can make where it’s going that much better. You can start looking at houses in the area by perusing the list of available homes. Make sure to use the filter tool, so you can see houses that fit your needs.