197 New Homes For Sale in Clayton, NC

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Located in Johnson County, North Carolina, Clayton is a town of 18,445 people. It has grown considerably in recent years due to its proximity to the area known as the Research Triangle, home to Duke University, North Carola State and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It has four constituent neighborhoods and has seen an upsurge in new housing development. The median household income here is $61,218; residents are attracted by such considerations as the availability of jobs and a good local economy.

Clayton’s history includes involvement in the Civil War and visitors enjoy following the trail markers on U.S. Highway 301, which indicate the march of confederate troops following the Battle of Bentonville in 1865. Today, the Endless Yard Sale, held annually in June, has replaced troop movements along 301, area trails are occupied by hikers and biking enthusiasts rather than soldiers and the Deep River Brewing Company welcomes patrons in historic space that was once a cotton spinning mill in downtown Clayton. Residents settle here because of the low cost of living, amenities such as dining, shopping, spas and fitness facilities and the generally sunny weather. The median price range for homes in the area is $216,000 to $323,000, and there is a good inventory of newly built single-family homes with three to four bedrooms in good communities close to schools. Clayton is ethnically diverse; residents have ancestors that hailed from England, Germany, Italy and Ireland.

Clayton residents have the opportunity to be part of a growing high-tech workforce; in fact, more people living here work in computers and math-related jobs than in 95% of all other locations in the country. However, workers who live in this town, considered a satellite of Raleigh, have neither predominately white-collar nor blue-collar jobs. Major employers in the area include BASF, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lenovo, Sony Ericsson, Toyota and Cisco Systems.