72 Homes For Sale in Clearfield, UT

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Clearfield is located in Davis County and is a small suburb of Ogden, Utah. Home to 30,000 residents, the town covers 7.7 square miles and includes a few larger homes settled on acreage, but also many houses on smaller lots in established neighborhoods. Though most homes are single-family dwellings, there are apartments and townhomes available. Clearfield remained a small agricultural town until the arrival of Hill Air Force Base in the 1940s, and most homes in the area were built during and after the Second World War.

As a suburb of Ogden, Clearfield enjoys proximity to all the amenities of a large city. Like many cities in Utah, however, nature and wilderness are never far away. The town is bordered to the east by the Wasatch Mountains and to the west by The Great Salt Lake. Due to its arid inland climate, Clearfield experiences hot, dry summers, while its 4,465-foot elevation and its position at the base of the Wasatch Range ensure a reliable snowfall each winter. The state of Utah is known for its light, dry snow, and there are three downhill ski areas near Clearfield, as well as opportunities for Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, making Clearwater an excellent choice for winter sports enthusiasts. Hiking and biking in the Wasatch Range and foothills, as well as fishing and boating opportunities in local streams, ponds and reservoirs are additional attractions for people who want to get outside and take advantage of the area’s beautiful and rugged natural landscape.

Much of the growth that Clearfield has experienced in recent decades is attributable to Hill Air Force Base, a major employer in the area. In addition to the air base, Clearfield is home to Freeport Center, a large industrial park, and to Legend Hills, a sizable office park on the east side of town. Among the companies that conduct a significant portion of their business out of Clearfield are Smith Sport Optics and Lifetime Products. Job Corps has a strong presence in Clearfield due to its natural alliance with Freeport Center, where Job Corps trainees have a chance to apply their new skills in the factories and shops of the industrial center. The town is expected to continue to grow in coming decades, and with good schools and ample recreation it will continue to attract family-minded home owners. The combination of outdoor recreation, an industrious population and the patriotic spirit that flows naturally from its close relationship with Hill Air Force Base makes Clearfield and all-American town. If life in Clearfield sounds like the American dream to you, browse our listings and take your place in this vibrant small town.