1,924 Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs, CO

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Colorado Springs, CO was originally developed as a health resort and is still known for its clean air. Now, though, it is also known for low crime and low taxes, in addition to great home prices. The median home price in the city is $189,900. Of course, there are also luxury accommodations in the city, such as those found in the Broadmoor Resort Community, that will cost you a bit more. No discussion of the housing market in Colorado Spring is complete, though, without mentioning the huge amount of military housing.

Colorado Springs is home to five major military installations. A large number of residents are currently in the military, part of a military family or retired military. This also means there are large numbers of military communities in the city. However, Colorado Springs is a diverse place. Beside the military neighborhoods, there are also neighborhoods filled with those who are flocking to the area to work in the growing high-tech industry. On the outskirts of town, there are prairie areas where cattle and sheep farmers raise their flocks, herds and families. With so many options in housing, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Colorado Springs has seen a very fast and large growth in population over the last three decades.

So, why is everyone coming to Colorado Springs? There are many possible reasons for this. The weather likely plays a huge role. There is virtually no humidity with summer temps being rather mild and the winter following suit. You rarely see extremes when it comes to the temperatures around here. Another draw is the people. People in Colorado Springs are super friendly. They welcome strangers and will do anything they can to make you feel welcome, from a smile as they pass you in the street to holding doors open for you any chance they get. The city also doesn’t really have a lot of bugs. The worst they get are some big ants and moths. You simply won’t have to worry about mosquitoes or cockroaches here. The city also is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. The Rockies are nearby offering many chances for hiking or just exploring the beauty of this area. For families, there are so many things to do. The Pikes Peak Center is where you can watch Broadway shows or listen to music concerts. At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, you will get to see the largest herd of giraffes in the U.S. There is a little bit of everything in Colorado Springs, which keeps people moving to this beautiful city.