158 Homes For Sale in Compton, CA

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Compton, California, boasts an impressive array of homes ranging from craftsman construction to modern pads, and in some ways, the diversity of the real estate market reflects the diversity of the town's more than 96,000 residents. Neighborhoods like Sunny Cove, Richland, and Leland reveal the spacious homes that populate the city's beautiful residential areas. Architecture influenced by traditional Spanish styles as well as mid-century Californian styles can be seen in some of the homes.

While Compton itself is a destination for many, it is also home to a plethora of transit systems that have earned it the name "Hub City." Depending on traffic, Compton can be less than 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, but if you aren't driving, you can catch a bus, train, or plane out of Compton to reach your destination. The public school district has contributed to the community's improvements by implementing programs like FOCUS that help students achieve academically. In addition to the district's eight middle schools and 24 elementary schools that are in the program, Centennial High School, Dominguez High School, and Compton High School also participate. Employment has been steadily improving due to the continual development of local retail. Larger businesses also have the opportunity to thrive in Compton, and Cognetics, Inc., recently listed it as an "Entrepreneurial Hot Spot." Compton offers families, singles, and businesspeople a vibrant community and a great place to call home.