113 Homes For Sale in Covina, CA

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A smaller city in California with a population of less than 50,000 residents, Covina is an ideal place for many to call home. The properties in the area cost around the same amount as the state average in California. Single-family homes populate the streets of the city more than any other form of housing. Many of these properties have at least two bedrooms, along with extra bathrooms and plenty square footage. Extra amenities, such as pools, may be available too.

Despite its size in comparison to other cities, there is a lot to do in Covina. There are sightseeing opportunities, fitness classes and bowling centers that offer plenty of family fun. The Rev Winery is one of the trendy spots in the area for adults and is known for its large selection of tasty wines. Many locals enjoy spending some of their time at the Galster Park, which is home to several trails. Groups of people may travel on these hiking trails together while enjoying the scenery and exploring the surrounding area even further. Knott’s Berry Farm is another great place for residents who live in Covina to visit because the farm offers lots of fun rides and good food.

With many opportunities to have a good time, it is obvious why people choose to live in this city. There are plenty of other good reasons to become a resident of Covina too. The winter weather is not nearly as harsh as it is in other areas. The crime rate is not too high. The graduation rate is at about 84 percent. Parents have a choice of several different schools to send their children to before the school year even begins. Living in this city is considered convenient to many people because of the easy access to different amenities. Some of these amenities include the Edna Park, Lapid Foods and the AzoVINO Wine Bar. Public transportation allows residents to get to different parts of the town with ease, but many coffee shops and local stores are within walking distance. With more than a dozen schools in the city, children may easily walk to and from school instead of catching a ride or taking public transportation. It is easy to get around in Covina, which is something residents may appreciate most. Take a look at the properties for sale in the area to find the right place to call home here.