33 New Homes For Sale in Crown Point, IN

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Crown Point sits in Lake County, Indiana and is approximately an hour south of downtown Chicago. Some call it a suburb, while others consider it to be a more rural community. Either way, Crown Point has a nice mix of three- and four-bedroom homes in modest price ranges. It’s also a great spot to snag a deal on a newer duplex or townhouse.

Downtown Crown Point is a collection of civic buildings, churches and small independent restaurants. This area also houses one of two middle schools as well as the historic John Dillinger Museum. The streets surrounding the city center are lined with mostly older country-style homes. The neighborhood east of the Sparta Dome Sports Complex is a great option for singles and new families. This newer community offers duplex-style housing at affordable prices. Further south, shoppers will find a variety of properties, most of which were established during the 1980s and 1990s. Most of these homes are between 2000 and 3000 square feet in size. Residents in this area enjoy easy access to Lake Count Fair Park and many of the local denominational services. Those looking for more square footage as well as more land might consider the new developments at the southern edge of town. There are several well-planned communities around Youch Country Club with larger homes in higher price ranges.

Crown Point is the hub of Lake County and is accessible via Interstate 65 from Gary. Moreover, the Northern Indiana Regional Planning Commission is working to redesign the North Street Corridor to provide better access to commuters all over town. The city is home to dozens of large retailers, an active auto repair district and several major golf courses. The local school district and city sport complex employ a large number of residents, while many others work with one of several financial services companies in Merrillville to the north.