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Perched on the western banks of the Mississippi River, Davenport, Iowa, is part of the Quad Cities metropolitan area, which includes Davenport, Bettendorf, Iowa, and Rock Island and Moline, Illinois. The Quad Cities have a combined population of about 470,000, with Davenport having just over 100,000. Davenport has diverse industries, many related to agriculture. The average home price is around $150,000.00, making it an affordable city in which to live. The homes in Davenport are mostly established single-family dwellings, with newer homes in the suburbs and a smattering of apartments close to the City Center.

Many of Davenport’s neighborhoods date back to the mid-19th century. The city can be divided into five major areas: Downtown (or City Center), Central, Near North/Northwest, East End, and West End. Each neighborhood contains diverse architectural styles, including Queen Anne, Tudor Revival, Victorian, and of course, more modern homes. The east side of the city is the oldest, having been settled in the 1850s, and has some of the most interesting historical architecture. Traditionally, the wealthier families settled along the river, while the working class people, primarily Germans, settled in central and western Davenport, away from the scenic river views. The working class neighborhoods also contain some fine historic architecture, including smaller, Queen Anne, Foursquare, and Front Gable styles. In fact, central Davenport neighborhoods are considered the most architecturally significant in the city.

The Vander Veer Park Historic District of central Davenport has a large botanical park modeled after Central Park in Manhattan. Large houses built in the early 20th century surround the park. One of Davenport’s oldest neighborhoods is the Village of East Davenport (called "the Village" by locals), located near the river. It is a charming area, full of historic buildings and many small specialty shops. Today, the Village and other eastern, riverfront neighborhoods are still considered the higher-end places to live in Davenport. However, unlike most waterfront communities, some of Davenport’s riverfront neighborhoods are also among the poorest, some with average housing prices below $100,000.00. Most of these areas are on the south side of the city. On the north end of the river is the Eastmere neighborhood, which has some of the most expensive housing in Davenport. It boasts medium to large single-family homes, mostly owner-occupied and many considered historic. With diverse industry, old world charm, and all the amenities a large city has to offer, Davenport is a lovely riverfront city to call home.