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With a diverse mix of brick-style colonial homes, high-rise condominiums, traditional ranches, brick bungalows and much more, Dearborn, Michigan boasts a unique, enticing real estate market that offers competitive pricing. Whether you are interested in a large single-family home or a condo nestled in the heart of the city, this real estate market offers an opportunity to purchase the home of your dreams at a reasonable price. There are many comforts and amenities associated with this southern Michigan city.

Dearborn is located approximately 10 miles west of Detroit along the Rouge River. Founded in 1786 and officially incorporated in 1929, it is currently the eighth-largest city in the state of Michigan. The population of 98,000 includes a diverse ethnic mix, primarily of European and Middle Eastern ancestries. This is the home of Henry Ford and it is also the original world headquarters of the Ford Motor Company, so it is steeped in the famed traditions of the auto industry and its roots that run deep within the state of Michigan. To this day, the city continues to thrive on tourism resulting from curious travelers and auto buffs who seek a glimpse of the origins of the Ford empire. It prides itself as a world-class hometown and is a regional hub for health care services, higher education, and arts and culture.

Dearborn, Michigan is a unique city of neighborhoods, including areas such as Barclay, Cherry Hill Estates, Dearborn Hills, Riverbend, Woodsworth and many more. The Ford Community and Performing Arts Center offers everything from sports and fitness to cultural arts and entertainment. The city’s many neighborhood and community parks provide walking, jogging and biking paths, field and court games, playgrounds, picnicking, and other outdoor activities. Dearborn also features "mini parks" that have play equipment for children as well as benches and tables for residents to take a break from their day or have a quick bite to eat. The Dearborn Ice Skating Center has two NHL regulation-size ice rinks, a seating capacity of 1,500 in its main area, merchandising sales, food concessions and more. The center also hosts private parties for everything from business functions to birthdays. Along with its recreational aspects, Dearborn also prides itself on working with businesses based in the city and creating an environment conducive to operating successfully. The city works with its local businesses - large corporations, factories, and smaller mom-and-pop-type businesses such as cafes or arts and crafts shops - to strengthen the ties between them and neighboring communities. Dearborn, Michigan is situated only a matter of miles from Lake Erie and the Canadian border. To learn more about living in this historic city, browse our local property listings and find the home that best matches your interests.