97 Homes For Sale in Downey, CA

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Rated by California Business Magazine as one of the top 25 "100 Best Cities To Do Business in California," Downey provides residents with a small town feel. Situated just 15 miles south of Los Angeles, Downey boasts quality housing. Small family homes make up most of the housing available throughout Downey, as well as a few condominiums and townhouses. Green yards and palm trees can be found in nearly every neighborhood. Home values are on the high end when compared to the U.S. average.

Downey is a great location for those looking to take day trips in Southern California. Whether you want to take your kids or guests to see the grandeur of Hollywood a few miles north or to Disneyland in Orange County to the south, you have access to it all. The Pacific Ocean is only 10 miles to the west, where cool waters can ease any workday worry. In the city, residents have access to arts and park areas. Downey Theatre, a 750-seat art center, puts on performances throughout the year. Those interested in fishing or golf bide their time at Wilderness Park and Rio Hondo Golf Course. Tennis players and other athletes should head to the Independence Park Tennis Center, Furman Park and Apollo Parks to play or train.

With an ethnically diverse population exceeding 110,000 people, the city is booming with an enduring retail base. Office, sales, professional, and service provider positions make up the biggest portion of employment in the area. Among the vast number of businesses in Downey, two medical centers bring a great deal of jobs to the area. Ranchos Los Amigos Hospital employs the largest number of residents in the city. Being so close to Los Angeles, commuting to work in another city is a possibility. DowneyLINK transit system takes care of the drive for many residents. Costing only 25 cents, using the city’s transit system is an inexpensive and easy way to get to work or play. Education is rated as 6/10, and private schools are available to parents and students who want something a little different. For kids and kids at heart who keep their eyes on the stars, there is no need to look any farther than Downey. The Columbia Memorial Space Center has exhibits, workshops, and events for anyone interested in space exploration or Downey’s influence in past space research and expeditions. With so many options for work and entertainment, Downey might just be the place for your family.