79 Homes For Sale in Encino, CA

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If you have the necessary funds and are interested in living in the sunny southern half of the Golden State, you should put the neighborhood of Encino, California on your list of places to visit. There is a fair variety of apartments, condos and full size homes available anywhere from the $200,000s to several million dollars depending on your needs. The aesthetic of the area is largely no-frills, with pleasant earth tones and Spanish-influenced architecture complemented by lush green yards dotted with palm trees.

As you might gather from the prices of real estate in the area, the economic climate in Encino, California, is quite strong. Recent job growth as well as income per capita are both more than double the national figure. Since this is a neighborhood in the cultural and economic hub that is Los Angeles, it should come as little surprise that, if you are planning on finding work, the majority of locals are employed in the sales, management and finance sectors. Young citizens are well-served by nearby schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District, with college campuses like Los Angeles Valley College in the area.

This being southern California, there is no shortage of entertaining diversions to stay occupied when you need a break from the daily routine. Those who love getting in touch with the great outdoors can hike, bike, picnic or ride on horseback in places like Topanga State Park and the Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park, not to mention the short drive to the Pacific Ocean. Golfing opportunities abound, with scenic locations like the El Caballero, Braemar and Woodland Hills Country Clubs. If you have more cultural inclinations, you are under an hour away from the heart of Los Angeles, where comedy clubs, music venues and diverse food are local staples. If you choose to live in Encino, California, you will find it difficult to be bored.