26 Homes For Sale in Fairfield, OH

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Fairfield, Ohio is a fantastic middle-class neighborhood with beautiful houses and wonderful people. Fairfield is a medium-sized town with a population of about 43,000 people. It’s a town for people who have a modest income who want beautiful, yet reasonably priced homes. The average price of a home in Fairfield is about $147,000, which is above the state average, but the homes themselves are above average, too. Gorgeous homes made out of brick and stone are common in Fairfield. Most of them are on a large lot with plenty of room for children and pets to run around. If you want the square footage without the high cost that comes with it, Fairfield is the place for you.

In 2006, the Fairfield City School District was moved into the "excellent" category by the Ohio Department of Education. Whichever school your children attend, you can be sure they’re getting an excellent education. The school district is comprised of 16 different schools. These include several elementary schools, intermediate schools and high schools. Along with an alternative school and private schools. When your kids are home and looking for some fun, you can find many things to do around town. When the weather is nice, you can take them to one of the 28 parks that Fairfield, Ohio has to offer. One is right in the town center, and there are often local events going on to take part in. With several play areas and sculpted landscaping, the park itself is beautiful. The park includes an amphitheater where many local concerts and productions take place during the summer. Dozens of other parks around town have well-kept baseball fields, walking trails, dog parks, playgrounds, and even lakes where you can go boating and fishing.

Whether you want fun for the whole family or a relaxing date night, the options in Fairfield, Ohio are endless. If your family loves movies, you’ll find several movie theaters are town. Many of the theaters have large screens with top of the line sound systems to show blockbuster hits. Another small theater serves cocktails, baked goods, and shows movies you can’t find anywhere else. These include foreign films, independent movies, and fun cult classics. There are also civic theaters with amazing local plays. If you love music, you can visit the large music center near Coney Island. The center holds more than 20,000 people and is visited by recording artists, along with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Fairfield is a beautiful town with many things to do. Buying a home there won’t disappoint you.