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Albany, NY History

A surviving settlement of the first British colonies, Albany is also one of the first cities worldwide to have installed public sewer lines, electricity and natural gas lines, water mains, and other crucial infrastructure that set the standard for all those that followed. City managers, residents and businesses in Albany all work together to create and maintain a high standard of living for the population. The neighborhoods have distinguishing characteristics such as historic architecture and walkable streets, making the city a unique place to call home. There is an emphasis placed on preserving and maintaining historical landmarks, as well as creating modern spaces where occupants can meet and spend leisure time. Food lovers will find extensive options available with choices from all around the world, from high-end to more casual dining.

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Whether you're looking for exciting developments in the city's midtown and downtown neighborhoods - Arbor Hill or Mansion District -, New York's capital of Albany boasts both a long history and a forward-looking focus. Housing options are diverse and include everything from multi-family colonials to historic bungalows and row houses in South End. In Albany, you'll find a vibrant epicenter of culture and higher education institutions, with a beautiful waterfront location right on the Hudson River. Nature lovers and diehard city dwellers alike will find neighborhoods to call home.

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