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Albany enjoys a strong economy. The median income is a reasonable $46,638 and expected job growth is a solid 32.7 percent. Occupations are also diverse, ranging from healthcare to agriculture, with no one field dominating the population. Education standards in Albany are high. High school graduation exceeds the national average, and college education reaches a higher percentage of the population than most parts of the country. It is also a peaceful city. Both violent crime and property crime sit below national averages. All of these factors give the city its gentle appeal.

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Home to roughly 50,000 residents, Albany, OR, is the heart of the suburban lifestyle. While some apartments, condos and mobile homes are available, the strong majority of citizens live in houses. There are also a fair number of lots for sale, leaving the option of building your own new place. The median housing cost is $164,000 with a healthy appreciation of 4.6 percent, making real estate a sound investment in this region.

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