The sprawling city of Albuquerque is, on a large scale, divided into four directional quadrants that are also part of each home's mailing address. Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest are the demarcations, set apart by the BNSF Railroad tracks that go east to west and Central Avenue which runs north to south. The Northeast area is the largest, containing several shopping malls, a vibrant commercial area, the University of New Mexico, and affluent neighborhoods. The Northwest, on the other hand, contains the largest section of the downtown in addition to the North Valley, which is home to an affluent district along the Rio Grande. The Southeast quadrant harbors an airforce base, a technology park, a stadium, and a number of other enterprises. The Southwest, though, is characterized by agriculture, a suburban atmosphere, and some newer developments.

The largest city in the state of New Mexico, Albuquerque, sits at high elevation in the southwestern desert, and is the most populated city in the state. Homes that are typical of the rugged adobo style are prevalent in Albuquerque, though there are some modern or even Victorian style homes to be found as well. Terracotta colored stucco exteriors, flat or gently sloping rooftops, and detailed Spanish architecture are just some of the characteristics that set Albuquerque homes apart from any others.

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