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Similar to other cities in the surrounding area, modern Alexandria has been profoundly influenced by its location near D.C. Much of the population (around 139,000 according to 2010 census figures) works in the U.S. military, the federal civil service, or for a federal government private contractor. There is also an abundance of job opportunities available in a variety of industries. The climate features mild to cool winters and hot summers. Those families with children of school age appreciate the topnotch public school system in addition to the presence of some of the area's premier private schools: St. Agnes and St. Stephen's, Episcopal High School and Bishop Ireton High School. There are also 45 schools of higher education within a 50-mile radius including George Mason University and Marymount University.

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Situated on about 15.5 square miles approximately seven miles south of Washington, D.C.'s downtown, Alexandria, Virginia has a lot to offer the modern house hunter. Home of one of the nation's first designated historic districts, the area of Old Town boasts 18th century charm evident in every aspect. The city boasts waterfront views of the Potomac River alongside with cobblestone streets, delighting visitors and inhabitants alike. High property values coupled with its convenient geographic location make it a great buy for those seeking to buy real estate.

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