Originally a small, quaint town, Alhambra is becoming increasingly developed and urbanized. New construction continues to take place and the city's infrastructure continues to evolve to accommodate the additions. The city's name is of Spanish origin and is a nod to a Moorish palace in southern Spain. The town has nearly 90,000 citizens and approximately eighteen other neighborhoods outside of the Midwick and Bean Tracts. Residents of this city are primarily office and executive employees in highly technical concentrations. As in most urban, metropolitan areas, carpooling and public transit are frequently utilized as a premiere and efficient way to commute. Many of these employees are young, unattached professionals and the town is transforming to accommodate the preferences of the locals.

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Alhambra, California The town of Alhambra, California is eight miles from downtown Los Angeles and real estate prices in this city are consistent with the cost of living for the entire state of California. Historically registered and well-known neighborhoods in the city of Alhambra include the Midwick and Bean Tract developments. The Midwick Tract is located in the southwest part of town and is composed largely of attractive, single-family homes, while the Bean Tract is a prosperous display of the city's affluence.

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