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The town of Andover prides itself on creating developments that will enable its residents to have more comfortable and enjoyable living experiences. This is one of the reasons why the unique region holds town meetings, allowing the populace to take part in and contribute to major decisions that will aid in the betterment of the community. The district itself is great for families, with its top-performing middle and high schools, and it is an ideal place for parents to raise children. Andover is also full of recreational facilities such as picnic areas, pools, libraries and playgrounds.

Andover, Massachusetts, often called the 'Home of America,' is a beautiful town located about 23 miles away from Boston. The community is made up of a number of attractive neighborhoods with stunning single-family homes and was named one of the best places to live in Massachusetts in 2013. Home buyers have options in this town; historic homes from the 1800s mix with new construction, and houses both large and small offer something for every taste and budget.

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