Though Arlington Heights, Illinois, is a rather small area (only 16.6 square miles) it holds a charm and beauty that even the film industry has found admirable. Over the years, this sleepy little village town has been host to the filming of the scenes of several movies, including the school scenes of the 2010 remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. This interest from the film industry has boosted the economy of the area, creating a prosperous and stable environment for the residents there. Otherwise, the village is host to many other jobs, including various positions in the famous Arlington Park and the Northwest Community Hospital, the two largest employers in the area outside of Chicago itself.

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Arlington Heights, Illinois is a small village approximately 25 miles outside of Chicago, serving as a quiet and peaceful suburb within easy reach of the conveniences of the city. Homes for sale in this area tend to feature strong Tudor influences, and often go for upwards of $250,000 for starter homes and estate-style housing alike. However, apartments and condos provide prospective homeowners cheaper opportunities to settle into this extremely desirable area. Regardless of budget, anyone can find a niche for themselves in this charming suburban town.

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