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Even during recession, Arlington has one of the most resilient economies in the United States. The area consistently has the lowest unemployment rate in the state of Virginia. In August 2009, the unemployment rate was just 4.2%. Government agencies dominate Arlington's business areas and occupy a staggering 60% of the available office space. A 2008 estimate suggested that 28.7% of the over 200,000 county jobs were secured in a federal, state or local government organization. 19.1% of jobs were attributed to professional and technical capacities, while food, accommodations and other services accounted for 28.9%. In 2008, BusinessWeek dubbed the county as the safest shelter from a nationwide recession and it has the lowest foreclosure rate in the DC locale.

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Arlington, Virginia is located in the northern region of the commonwealth on the Potomac River's south bank. The region is filled with real estate available for rent or purchase. There is an absolute abundance of condominiums and residential properties as well as a handle of townhomes, lots and multi-family units. New homes will be a little hard to find in this region, but there are plenty of resale homes on the market. For those who don't mind an auction, some foreclosures are also available. Two and three bedroom households are easy to find, which makes the area great for new or small families.

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