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For many years, Austell was a prime destination for trappers and game hunters. These individuals stopped in the area on their way to the salt licks. In early times, these salt springs were thought to have medicinal properties. Many people relocated to the area in search of healing. This historic spring water is still served in local restaurants and health stores. However, the town is more known for its railways. Several years ago, town residents used the railways for transportation to Atlanta. Today, the railways are mainly used to transport goods. Austell's major industry is recycling. The town recycles both paper and plastic, and several of their exports are sent all the way to China. In addition to the local companies in the area, Austell is home to a variety of public and private schools.

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Austell, Georgia is a small town located in the Atlanta area. It is home to over 5,000 residents and has many affordable homes for sale. There are several good sized home for families. In addition, Austell has mobile homes that are very affordable for Georgia residents. The area is also home to newer homes, which make a great investment for today's homebuyers. Many residents love the architecture of their homes and the beautiful land that surrounds them.

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