The history is quite varied in Bessemer, but don't miss out on learning about Matilda, the oldest chicken in the Guinness World Records book. If long-lived poultry isn't your thing, there are numerous historic sites to visit, including the Bessemer Hall of History, Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park and a few local neighborhoods maintained as dedicated historic home sites. Bessemer was originally founded to be the southern steel center for the United States. All three components for steel making - iron, limestone and coal - were once mined here, and though mining operations have halted, steel production still continues with materials coming in from outside the city.

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Known as The Marvel City, Bessemer, Alabama lives up to its nickname by having a variety of places where you can marvel at both history and beauty. This 40 square mile city is less than half an hour from Birmingham, the largest city in the state, so you'll never want for anything to do. Move-in-ready homes vary from 2 to 6 bedrooms in two-story colonial styles and modest, single-level ranches. As befitting a sunny part of the south, neighborhoods here are bursting with bright colors such as sky blue and sunshine yellow.

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