Brentwood is located only 55 miles east of San Francisco and is becoming more and more residential. Its moderate climate has historically made it the perfect place to grow cherries, peaches, and corn. The city is full of beautiful parks and recreation facilities. One of the newest parks, Dakota Park has walking trails, dog parks with fountains and dog bowls, and is the perfect place for a picnic with barbeques and tables. This city of a little over 50,000 in population also has an aquatic complex with lap swim or scheduled classes to promote your health. This city has also been voted a bicycle friendly community, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors or travel around in safety.

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Known for its beautiful agriculture and climate, Brentwood California is one of the scenic cities in the Easy Bay region. There are many options for those looking for wonderful homes in the area including newer homes located in the western side of Brentwood. Additionally, if you are looking for a single-family home, take a look at the Ashford Park or Tuscany neighborhoods. Each home has its unique charm, many of which are surrounded by beautiful, green trees.

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