Caldwell is on of three Essex county municipalities that make up 'The Caldwells.' Each borough includes the name Caldwell and is named after Reverend, James Caldwell. While the term is used to refer to the region, each town has its own governing boards, and Caldwell is currently managed under the governing borough system of New Jersey, which includes a mayor and a Burough Council of 6 members. All members are elected by the voters and are expected to manage the municipality. In addition, the borough provides a rich political history, as the origin place of President Grover Cleveland. The Caldwells were settled in the early 18th century on the western slopes of the Second Mountain, and by the early 1850s, it offered an attractive retreat with clear air and pure water for visitors. The area was quickly developed with vacation cottages and began to boom. Today, the area continues to provide the beauty that initially attracted these early tourists, and while many of the old cottages have been replaced with modern homes, a few historical monuments remain.

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Located outside of New York in the northwest portion of Essex County, New Jersey, Caldwell is a historical borough with a population of 7,822 as of the 2010 census. The borough offers a range of single-family homes that mostly house a number of young married couples and families. The borough provides a picturesque mountain background and was ranked the 3rd best place to live in New Jersey by the New Jersey Monthly magazine.

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