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California seems to have a pull that draws people from all walks of life. The state is rich in culture and bursting with creative minds. Different areas feature architectural variations as well, with some of the most popular home types being Spanish- and colonial-style homes. Houses with pools are becoming more common and single family residences are also rising in popularity.

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Some of the best known cities in the area include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego. The city of angels is a good place to live if you're interested in soaking up the Hollywood culture and getting a tan. Most days of the year there are sunny with an average high of around 75 degrees. San Francisco is a good place to go to visit the waterfront and get involved with the tourism industry. Sacramento is San Francisco's northern neighbor, and it's great for nature lovers and park goers. If San Francisco is a good place to visit the waterfront, then San Diego is a good place to go if you'd like to practically live by the water. This densely populated area features a staggering 70 miles of beach, and it is the second most populated city in California behind Los Angeles.

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