It took until 1980 to actually get the railway; it was then that Capitol Heights finally got its own station on the Washington Metro line. The town had had its ups and downs in the intervening years, but now residents had, for the first time, easy access to the entire metropolitan region as well as to national transportation. In addition to declaring part of the town an Enterprise Zone, the Mayor and the Town Council also came up with an inspiring motto: 'One Town. One Vision. One Future.' Since then, Capitol Heights has seen both its prosperity and popularity increase.

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Located in historic Prince George's County and adjacent to Washington, DC, Capitol Heights, Maryland is a small town with just under 5,000 residents. It has a long and colorful history, with roots that were established in 1904 by home buyers who were attracted to a picturesque view of Washington and the lure of easy transportation via an electric railway. Today, the town has many positive features combined with affordable housing.

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