Catonsville, Maryland, is picturesque. It is filled with neighborhoods, homes, and city streets that resemble the quintessential images of the American lifestyle that helped define much of this great country. Catonsville is without pretenses; it doesn't try to be anything it isn't. It is a modest town populated by equally modest and proud residents, and those who visit will be awed by its charm and grace. This small Maryland township is the definition of a bedroom community-close enough for its residents to enjoy all the amenities of nearby Baltimore and Washington, DC, yet set apart from the herd with a personality and appeal all its own.

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Resting just outside the limits of Baltimore and an hour's drive from Washington, DC, Catonsville is a quaint community in the heart of Maryland. A spectacular array of homes is available in this quiet bedroom community. Catonsville's serene country roads are lined with beautiful neighborhoods and charming properties with colonial-style homes, white picket fences, and a private and peaceful aura. For those who are interested in calm beauty and a relaxed atmosphere that exemplifies the most basic of American dreams, Catonsville, Maryland, is the place for you.

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