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Breakdown of Colorado Homes for Sale

Total Homes2,238,624
Average Sale Price$754,538

Colorado is frequently regarded as one of the most beautiful places to live, and its houses are no exception. Small but lovely and space-efficient bungalows are common here. Rustic homes that emphasize the use of wood and stone are also quite popular. Additionally, the state has no shortage of contemporary or mid-century homes for those who are more interested in a modern design.

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Some of Colorado's cities offer distinct benefits over others. Lakewood, for example, is ideal for parents who are looking for quality education for their children. This city offers some of the lowest student-to-teacher ratios in the state. Another good city to live in is Estes Park, because its safety ratings are ideal and its median income is historically and relatively high, which makes it a nice place for both families and singles. Castle Rock is another area where the income numbers are typically high. In Castle Rock, the crime rates are generally low, and it was incorporated in 2007, making it a fairly new city. The city of Superior is similar to Louisville in that it usually has low unemployment rates and good home values, but the residents of Superior tend to be wealthier.

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