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The Homebuilding Process in Connecticut

So you've decided to build your dream home in Connecticut? The state is home to great seafood and great people - you'll love living there. Here are the steps you need to follow to get your new house up and running:

1. Design Your Dream Home

Whether you are going to hire an architect or you fell in love with a builder's model home, you need to have the plans for your home ready to go before you pick a plot of land. This is because some lots simply won't go with certain blueprints, whether it is because of location, the condition of the land, or the size of the lot.

2. Hire a Builder

Before you commit to a homebuilder, do some research. What is their reputation like? How long have they been building homes? When you talk to them, do you get the sense that they know the climate in the area well enough to build a home that will keep you comfortable all year long? Ask for references so you can speak to the builder's past customers.

3. Obtain Building Permits

No matter whether you want to build in Hartford, Bridgeport, or Stamford, you'll need to get a building permit before your new home starts to go up. A Connecticut building inspector will have to review the plans for your home. Without the proper permits, your new home could be demolished if it doesn't comply with the state's building codes.

4. Obtain an Occupancy Permit, Move in, and Enjoy!

After your home is built, a building inspector will go over it one more time. If everything looks like it is up to snuff, the inspector will issue a Certificate of Occupancy, and you can start nesting in your new place.

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