Job growth is expected to continue to increase over the next decade in this town. The median family income and unemployment rate are both relatively close to the national average. Business and finance segments top the list of careers in the city of Ferndale. Additionally, job opportunities in this town include maintenance, engineering, and construction. Employment is also available in healthcare, law enforcement and other areas of public welfare. Downtown Ferndale is full of charming restaurants and quirky bars and clubs. For a town of approximately twenty thousand inhabitants, Ferndale has a rather lively nightlife. If you'd rather be out during the day instead of at night, Ferndale has a weekend market where vendors come to sell artistic and functional wares.

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Ferndale, Michigan is located about twelve miles outside of the city of Detroit. Here you will find many newly remodeled homes that offer a warm ambiance when you come in from a cold winter day. Many dwellings are two to three bedroom models. Common Ferndale residential design includes bungalow structures, fenced yards and finished basements. While home prices fluctuate over time, Ferndale homes have experienced a gradual increase in appreciation, and houses here are very affordable.

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