Roughly 220,000 people live in Flushing. The roots of the neighborhood extend all the way back to 1645, when Dutch settlers started building their homes along the banks of local Flushing Creek. The area grew steadily over the years, along with Queens and the rest of New York City. Flushing retains a largely residential character. At the same time, its booming downtown ranks as New York's fourth largest center for commerce and retail sales. Distinct residential sections of the neighborhood include Waldheim, noted for its mix of large, architecturally diverse houses; Auburndale, which features many homes in the Tudor style; Linden Hill; and Broadway-Flushing. Several of these areas have zoning ordinances designed to preserve older homes and maintain a low-density population.

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Flushing is a well-established, vibrant community that forms part of the New York City borough of Queens. Among other things, the neighborhood is known for its distinctive residential architecture, its broad selection of well-maintained homes and its conveniently located townhomes and condominiums. While many people think of New York as an overwhelming, densely populated city, large segments of Flushing feature plenty of space and a decidedly relaxed quality. These attributes make the neighborhood attractive to a broad range of potential homebuyers.

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