The area of Glen Allen is actually a census-designated place (CDP). It resides in Henrico County, and is filled with beauty. Glen Allen is often considered a suburb of Richmond. It is relatively large in size and close to the Virginia Center Commons. However, the CDP is actually much smaller in size. The area is home to a large amount of families. The majority of people are white; however, there is a large portion of blacks. Glen Allen is also home to several children, most who live with their parents. There are also a small percentage of retired individuals that live in the area. Many of these individuals own homes and enjoy the tranquility of the area.

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Glen Allen, Virginia is a small town located northwest of the larger city, Richmond. The area was formally known as Hungary. Its population has grown over the last few decades, and today it is home to nearly 15,000 residents. Many homebuyers are attracted to the beautiful and luxurious homes in the area. A lot of homes have plenty of bedrooms and living space. They are also beautifully designed and possess a lovely curb appeal. Although most of the homes are larger, there are a few smaller residences for first time homebuyers.

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