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Should You Buy or Build in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a wonderful state to live in, whether you favor bustling Honolulu or quieter cities like Hilo and Kailua. The question remains, however, should you buy a new home or build one in Hawaii? Consider the following:

Patience Is a Must

Home prices are quite high in Hawaii, so in order to find a new home that is within your budget, you may have to wait until circumstances are just right. When you hear about new communities that are being built, look into the lot prices and tour a model home if it's available. For new construction that has already been built, work with a trusted real estate agent who will try to get you the best deal.

Land Is Hard to Come By

Much of Hawaii is protected land that cannot be built on, and most of the best pieces of land have already been built on. However, if you can find a plot with an old home or other structure that you can tear down, building your own home may be slightly cheaper than buying a new one. As you're exploring the state, you may come across some vacant plots; contact the owners to see if they are willing to sell.

You May Have to Modify Your Plans

Life in Hawaii is worth all the effort it takes to get there, but you might have to be adaptable. If you can't find a plot of land in a location you like, buying a home could be your best option. Conversely, if no newly constructed homes fit your list of ideals, you and your real estate agent may have to go looking for land. Be adaptable, have a flexible budget, and you'll be in your dream home soon enough.

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