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3 Questions to Ask Before Building a Home in Illinois

Building a new home comes with many challenges and concerns. When you are starting with an empty lot, it is normal to want the finished product to be perfect, especially after investing so much time and money. If you are planning to build a new home in Illinois, first ask yourself these three questions.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

When evaluating potential neighborhoods, think about your needs as a homeowner. Do you have a college student in your family? If so, property values tend to increase near Chicago, where prominent academic institutions can be found in abundance. Other cities, such as Springfield and Champaign, have a historic background, so you can expect to spend more on land and construction.

How Does Climate Affect Your Decisions?

Although the climate varies significantly between the northern and southern portions of Illinois, you should still prepare for snow with properly sealed windows and doors. In addition, tornados are common in this region, so top quality roofing materials are a must-have. You should also incorporate a basement or cellar into your floorplan to act as an emergency storm shelter.

What Are the Terms of Your Contract?

Finally, take some time to review your purchase agreement thoroughly. If you signed a typical form contract, the builder will be liable for any unacceptable variations in your home. An express warranty, on the other hand, acts as a limited form of coverage that sometimes excludes environmental factors and foundation repairs.

With these three questions, you can begin to establish a plan for your new home. In the end, your answers might be the deciding vote on where you choose to build.

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