The prime location of Jamaica, New York makes it the perfect place for those looking for an easy commute to their place of employment. New York's excellent public transport system makes local travel not only easy, but less expensive, as it offers residents the choice of avoiding a monthly car payment. Despite the heavily urban location of this city, it is home to a large aviation industry, which features the Federal Aviation Administration Eastern Region office, and the somewhat distant John F. Kennedy International Airport, which is easily reached via the excellent transportation available to all residents. Not only does the presence of this industry provide citizens with needed employment, but makes travel more convenient for those who must fly for either business or pleasure.

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Located in the borough of Queens, Jamaica, New York is the perfect place for those who are well-attuned to city life. Though Jamaica is as compact as the rest of the area in many ways, it has several single family detached homes for sale, though apartments and condos are still the dominant form of housing throughout the city. Though the prices in this area are high, the proximity of the homes to the New York metropolis opens practically innumerable opportunities for those who call this area home, making the experience well-worth the cash spent.

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