Many of the local districts and neighborhoods are unincorporated communities included in the greater Katy area by boundaries used for the local school district. The city limits as defined in 1945 are typically called "old Katy" by residents of the area, which includes both newly constructed and older homes. Katy's growth has led to an upswing in new developments and grand planned communities, including Pin Oak Village, Grayson Lakes, Seven Meadows and Silver Ranch. Also a part of the greater Katy area, and situated just between Houston and Katy, is the beautiful and historic Cinco Rancho. Settled in the 1820's, Cinco Rancho now has many modern amenities and entertainment. The many parks and greenways in Cinco Rancho are for both recreation and entertainment, and contain almost 70 acres of preserved woodland and wetland habitats.

With just over 14,000 people, Katy, Texas is a small but growing city. It was even named among the most notable growing areas in the United States. With the much larger city of Houston close by, it's easy to achieve a small town feel with big city amenities right around the corner. New homes are springing up all over Katy, from modest 3-bedroom homes for first time buyers to more palatial 5-bedroom homes with beautiful Colonial style.

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